REC participates in 4th Arab Water Forum

Dec 1, 2017

The tri-annual Arab Water Forum (AWF) series continues to promote a regional platform for engaging Arab Water Council (AWC) members, decision makers, water resource experts, practitioners and institutions in dialogue on all aspects of water management for growth and sustainable development in the MENA region. The 4th Arab Water Forum was convened by the AWC under the auspices of the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

The REC played an active part in the 4th Arab Water Forum, held in Cairo, Egypt, on November 26-28, 2017. On the second day of the event, the REC convened a special session (SS 4) entitled: “Regional Environmental Center Activities in the MENA region. The session focused on objectives and achievements of the WATER SUM project, and on tangible work at local, national and international levels. It also provided an opportunity for discussing common challenges related to IWRM (including ‘water and security’ and SDG 6), as well as current needs, modalities and prospects for future collaboration. The session was chaired by Ms Tahany Sileet (Ministry of Water Resources, Egypt) and featured three keynote speakers (Ms Gordana Kozuharova, REC; Ms Jovanka Ignjatovic, REC and Mr Danko Aleksic, REC) and three panelists (Mr Ali Subah, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan; Mr Hamidi Habib, Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, Tunisia; and Ms Samaa El Baroudy, Ministry of Water Resources, Egypt).

As the AWF is high-level event that provides that allows participants from government authorities, politicians, professionals, the private sector, academia, water users and civil society to share their views and renew their commitment towards sustainable development and the livelihood of people in the region, the REC’s participation in the event greatly contributed to the visibility of the WATER SUM project, which the REC is implementing in the MENA region with the support of the Government of Sweden.

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