Mission to Egypt

Mar 31, 2015

The REC project team engaged in the Integrated Water Resources Management Good Practices and Knowledge Transfer (WATER POrT) component of the WATER SUM project has successfully completed a string of missions to selected North African countries that had expressed an interest in cooperating with the initiative.

The team, led by Ms. Jovanka Ignjatovic – the REC’s senior water management expert and WATER POrT project manager – visited Egypt as the last stop on a tour that had earlier included visits to Morocco and Tunisia. In Cairo, they met first with dignitaries from the Minister's Office within the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt to discuss several activities that can potentially be carried out across the country within the framework of WATER POrT. This first meeting set the stage for a subsequent broader meeting that brought together relevant water authorities and stakeholders. Participants discussed the objectives of WATER POrT, taking into account the specific needs of the country and the dynamics for a successful relationship between supporters, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The team then visited technical universities and water-related research and training institutes to obtain first-hand knowledge of Egypt’s current situation and advances in the water sector.

The meetings provided an opportunity to identify a first draft of a set of actions by means of which Egypt will be able to reap tangible benefits from the project, including conducting surface water and groundwater quality monitoring; establishing an inventory of potential sources of water pollution; and building capacities on climate change issues.

The project team now aims to build on the fruitful outcomes of the mission and to strengthen its cordial relationship with the national water authorities. Further discussions about future steps and actions, along with the positive identification of the needs of the beneficiaries, will contribute to the development of a work plan that will guide the implementation of the project over the next two years.

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