Sitting Down with the Civil Society in Jordan

Apr 21, 2016

Responding to the need to adapt to changing current and future conditions, civil society is expanding its role in sustainably managing water resources. Still, additional efforts are needed to get the general public and other water actors to work together more closely.

With this goal in mind, the WATER POrT team held a very interesting and successful workshop on April 21, 2016 in Amman, Jordan. The event brought together several civil society stakeholders across Jordan who are active in water resources management.

The workshop served a two-fold purpose: first, to allow the civil society representatives to become more familiar with the activities of the WATER SUM project’s WATER POrT component (especially those connected to its “dialogue and cooperation” cluster); and, second, to gain additional insight into water-related challenges from the public’s perspective.

Participants identified the main challenges of water resources management and suggested ways to approach them, such as:

  • Importance of organising frequent awareness-raising workshops for the civil society  to be informed on the current situation and challenges related to water;
  • Added value of addressing the impact of climate change at local communities level to foster proper rain harvesting and efficient irrigation methods;
  • Need to increase the knowledge and attitude of the population towards IWRM, in a manner to spur engagement and contribution;
  • Support strengthening the role of media to raise awareness on water management and climate changes challenges; and
  • Addressing families as the basis of the society: empowering the youth allows them to pass on to their familial members positive messages and actions of change in using and managing water resources.

The WATER POrT Team is currently building on the workshop outcomes to shape the upcoming “dialogue and cooperation” activities foreseen for 2016. These will include organising tailored communication and awareness-raising activities aimed at the wider public (as well as more specialised audiences), dedicated national and regional workshops at which civil society will have the chance to sit down and discuss across-the-board solutions with other water actors, and a support programme for empowering communities.

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