Mission to Morocco

Mar 23, 2015

The second mission to North Africa brought the WATER POrT project team to Morocco, where meetings were organized with the office in charge of water within the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and the Environment and other relevant stakeholders, including the Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment and water basin agencies.

These meetings provided a springboard for pinpointing crucial topics and urgent issues that can potentially be tailored into activities that come under the scope of WATER POrT. These include integrating and building upon other nationally and internationally backed projects to maximize synergies; introducing innovative water monitoring solutions and water quality modelling; and exchanging know-how and best practices with other countries participating in WATER POrT on selected issues such as desalination.

The project team now hopes to build on the fruitful outcomes of the mission and to strengthen its cordial relationship with the national water authorities. Further discussions of the next steps and actions, along with the identification of the needs of beneficiaries, will contribute to the development of the work plan that will guide project implementation over the next two years.

Tags: MENA Region

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