Dead Sea to host national workshop in May

May 25, 2016
A national workshop on integrated water resources management (IWRM) and adaptation to climate change will take place at the Dead Sea in Jordan on May 26-27, 2016.  the workshop will focus on the WATER POrT cluster of actions. This event is first in a series of planned workshops, trainings and activities to take place both in Jordan and at regional level. A similar national workshop will take place on May 31-June 1 in Hammamet, Tunisia.

These workshops are designed around a strong participatory approach and dynamic methodology in the interest of bringing together water management experts representatives of national water authorities and institutions who are active in integrated water management.

Each of the upcoming national workshops will focus on: water demand management, water resources protection, dialogue and cooperation, and adaptation to climate change. The events will also pave the way for a series of planned workshops, trainings and activities on similar topics for focal countries of the WATER SUM project, as well as at regional level.

Specifically, the objectives of the Dead Sea training are to:

1)      introduce the WATER POrT cluster of actions, namely: Water Demand Management (Action 1.1); Water Resources Protection (Action 1.2); Dialogue and Cooperation (Action 2); and Adaptation to Climate Change (Action 3);

2)      lay the groundwork for the planned WATER POrT activities in Jordan in the field of IWRM in accordance with the country’s specific needs;

3)      present implementation methodologies for each action, achieve common understanding about relevant information and metadata, and initiate information and data collection; and

4)      build capacities of water professionals from Jordan concerning techniques and solutions linked to these actions.

The event will take place at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel. More event-related details are available here.

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