On-the-job training in Jordan

May 10, 2016

An on-the-job training event for members of local water security planning teams is taking place at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel in the Kingdom of Jordan on May 9 and 10, 2016. The event has been organised within the WaSe component of the WATER SUM project and brings together over 30 participants, including local coordinators, local focal points and members of local planning teams from the four municipalities involved in the project (Al Salt, Al-Karak, Jerash and Ajloun).

The main purpose of the training is to provide members of the local planning teams with knowledge and guidance on how to define and prioritise problems, which is an important step in developing local water security action plans.

Split into small groups, participants are holding discussions based on the finalised public opinion assessment and an indicator-based assessment of local water security. These in-depth discussions will enable participants to identify possible root causes of actual problems in each community.

The workshop is also focusing on designing action plans. In the coming weeks, all local planning teams will be working hard to develop their own local water security action plans — one of the main project outputs.

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