Public opinion assessment results

Apr 26, 2016
The results of the public opinion assessment (POA) undertaken in the framework of the WaSe component of the WATER SUM project in communities in Jordan (Al Karak, Jerash, Al-Salt and Ajloun) and Tunisia (Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, Bir Mcherga, Nefza and Matmata) have just been released.

By surveying a sample population group, public opinion assessments are designed to obtain an understanding of the aggregate opinions, attitudes and experiences of an entire population, and of different social groups within that population. The POA is one of the key steps in the creation of local water security action plans, as described in the newly published Local Water Security Action Planning Manual.

A total of 3, 107 interviews were conducted in the local communities in Jordan and Tunisia. The results represent the first input for assessing the current status of water security. The second input will be the local water security assessments, which are based on a set of indicators.


Tags: MENA Region

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