A good start to 2016: Regional training event

Jan 4, 2016

The WATER SUM team is pleased to announce the upcoming "Regional Transboundary Water Resources Management" event, which will take place from January 19 to 28, 2016, at the head office of the Regional Environmental Center (REC) in Szentendre, Hungary.

The opening session of the event will provide an opportunity to take stock of the project’s achievements to date and to discuss future steps towards achieving WATER SUM’s overarching goal, as well as regional trends and global landmarks such as the post-2015 agenda and the COP21 agreement.

Invited key practitioners and stakeholders will then split into two groups, corresponding to the WATER POrT and WaSe project components, for tailored trainings. The trainings are designed to enable participants to deepen their know-how and learn more about appropriate tools for advancing project activities and producing the deliverables foreseen for the current year and beyond.

The training on integrated water resources management (IWRM) and its links to the WATER POrT project component will take place between January 19 and 28, 2016. The participatory event will dovetail hands-on work on specific topics with discussions on the linkages and benefits of inter-institutional and inter-sectoral dialogue on water management and adaptation to climate change. Targeted participants will include young water professionals and representatives of national water authorities, institutions and NGOs from the MENA region who are involved in IWRM. The objectives of the training include building capacities for understanding innovations in water management practice at national and international level, gaining knowledge on water policy and diplomacy and exchanging experiences and good practices on water management between Europe and the MENA region. Emphasis will be given to fostering mutual relations and cooperation at the national, regional and international levels, and to reaching a common understanding concerning forthcoming WATER POrT activities and how to contribute to their implementation.

The regional train-the-trainers workshop on local water security action planning will take place between January 19 and 22, 2016. Selected local coordinators and focal points from eight self-governing territories – four in Jordan ( the municipalities of Al-Karak,  Jarrash, Al Salt and Ajloun) and four in Tunisia (the governorate of Beja: Nefza delegation; the governorate of Zaghouan: Bir Mchergua delegation; the governorate of Gabes: Matmata delegation; and the governorate of Sidi Bouzid: Ben Aoun delegation) – will be trained to use the newly developed Manual on Local Water Security Action Planning. This step-by-step guide was developed in the belief that local water governance can be improved by initiating and supporting the process of developing local water security action plans (LWSAPs), which, while mirroring national/regional/international policy priorities,  address water security issues at local level as a precondition for the well-being of local populations. During the workshop, participants will develop a first stakeholder analysis for all eight self-governing territories and discuss the first results of public opinion assessments on water security. The trainees will form the core of the working teams that will develop LWSAPs in the coming months, using the new REC methodology.

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